Monthly Favourites – June

I can hardly remember what are the things I used most last month. >.< But those that I can remember and I feel are worth sharing is below. I hope you find them interesting too!



1. Bvlgari Perfume – Omnia Crystalline

I don’t really use perfume. But while out shopping during the Great Singapore Sale, hubby thought it would be nice to buy one for me. And I love it. It has this very light flowery fragrance and gives off a very feminine feel. Especially now that I don’t always smell my best, this is definitely a good investment. Granted, there are cheaper alternatives. :p

2. Personalized Romper

Godma Sim sends packages to Aurora all the time and this is one of my favourites! To have someone in your life who has you in their thoughts always, to go through the trouble of printing a customized shirt specially for Aurora, is priceless. And is definitely meant to be on my “monthly” favourites! This is one of a kind. It is so precious to me that we take time out to still be in each others’ lives this way. Isn’t this what this blog is for, anyway? 🙂

3. Four Cow Farm – Tea Tree Remedy

When I saw the advertisement for this product, I knew it was what I was looking for for Aurora. It is created by a family for their kids and it their products are all natural. I bought all their products – bath, lotion, nappy cream, and the 2 balms – for Aurora. In this hot climate, plus Aurora’s double chin, she gets a bit of rash on her neck area. It was quite bad until we started using the Tea Tree Remedy on her. The rash is gone now but still to maintain it that way we apply some of it after her bath. I also bought the other balm – Calendula Remedy – for my sis as she has rashes and dry skin a lot. All her life. And she says it helps tons. So yay for Four Cow Farm!

4. Melissa – Incense + Karl Lagerfeld

I loooooove shoes. And I love those weird looking ones. When I saw them first when I was pregnant last year, I was a bit sad that I couldn’t get them. Not too safe for a klutz like me to be walking around, pregnant, in heels. So when Zalora was selling them at a discounted price (I think they still are), I couldn’t help myself! These babies are quite comfortable to walk in, as far as heels go. They are not rough on the skin and they are quite stable. One thing though, the purple glitter does come off when you touch them. But who cares. It’s a Karl Lagerfeld collaboration!

5. Breastfeeding-friendly Clothes

After my confinement I knew I had to get some breast-feeding friendly clothes before I can finally leave the house with Aurora. So I went to Qoo10 and got me some maxi dresses, boyfriend shirts and button dresses. Definitely made breastfeeding so much more convenient for me. Plus, I didn’t spend a bomb!

Whew. Between cooking and feeding, I took one whole day to write this post. Haha! And I’m a newbie with this new app I’m using for the photos so forgive me if they seem a little… unprofessional. My skill will improve by the next monthly favourites I promise!



2 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites – June

  1. Omgoodness godma Gan! First of all I was just editing some photos to get ready for my next update and just thought I’ll pop by our blog and you have updated 🙂 nice read there and the photo is awesome! Esp if you can do it on your mobile! hehe.
    I have ur number 1 perfume item! it was a free sample I have got and it is the same exact perfume just a very small miniature size. I have not even tried them yet but will definitely do it now that you mentioned its smells nice! hehe.
    And I’m glad number 2 will always be in ur monthly favourites hehe! I wish I could put ur face and aurora’s face as my monthly favourites too. hehe
    Absolutely gonna try number 4 one day and omg number 5 is the sweetest feeding dress ever! Too pretty! hehe. loving this blog. opps what a long comment here! lol


    • Yes yes try the perfume k! It’s really nice haha. And I also wanted to put our faces haha! But then even though this may sound cheesy you guys will always be my favourites. So I’ll have to put your faces in every month’s favourite haha!


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